Lewis Robinson

Hello, I’m Lewis Robinson. As a child I was always in awe at animated films and video games, with their special effects and unique art styles, so in secondary school I decided to give animation a go and was hooked at the feeling of creating movement from hundreds of images, this would later become a passion of mine when I took to animated in 3D CGI in college. I am currently working on “Stone Confidence”. A film about a cavegirl who comes back from a hunt without being able to catch her prey due to being too scared, her father then goes on to tell her a story about how he gained confidence to relight her confidence. My biggest goal in life would be to be able to work as an animator overseas and gather a range of skills and experience to help me grow as a person.

A young cavegirl comes back from a disappointing hunt to her dad after being too scared to hunt some prey, the father then comforts her by telling a story about how he gained confidence by using cave paintings that come to life as the story goes on.

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