Zoe Roberts

The overall aim of the Creative Media Project module was to utilise and build on the skills introduced and developed throughout previous module studies on the Digital Media Production course.

The first client I secured was Louise, who owns an aromatherapy business called ‘Beautiful Blue Aromatherapy’ (BBA). The brief stated she needed assistance with the photography of her products, as well as with the use of social media to drive a small regular number of sales as she had no way of selling her products other than craft fairs, which were not available to her during COVID.

The second client I secured was Sheffield Hallam University’s Real Estate course (SHU Real Estate). This client wanted to use social media to increase awareness of the course with new students; generate content of interest to potential and existing students; and to compliment previous strategies such as the #SHURealEstate LinkedIn campaign (SHU Real Estate Team, 2021). They needed help with social media content, graphics for their brand identity, as well as a ‘how-to’ guide on the use of Instagram.