Tiff Holland


Portrait of Tiff Holland

Originally from Staffordshire, I moved to Leeds to complete a practical BA Hons degree in contemporary dance at Leeds Beckett University. After completing those 3 years I found more of an interest in the background of the arts world, and in museum/gallery spaces, I found this MA fitted perfectly. I have found particular interest in exploring the various ways galleries/museums can be used and recently began researching the use of sensational exhibitions within them, with a focus on exhibits like ‘Sensations’ and ‘Body Worlds’ and the ethical, legal and contextual implications. 

Reflective Journal entry- Critical Issues in Culture module 
This is an entry from the end of the module, I took it as an opportunity to reflect on how I felt the first couple of modules went and how I felt about the course in general. I used it to provide not only that, but various issues/complexities that I found and what I was looking forward to the most in upcoming modules. 

Reflective Journal entry- Context for Culture module
This entry acted as a key information hub for an essay which compared various dance organisations around the UK and the ‘I am the Museum’ campaign that was based in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It investigated what was meant by the terms ‘access’ and ‘participation’ for these two very different case studies and their effectiveness in reaching more individuals. 

Dissertation Proposal 
This proposal is for research I am currently undertaking. Not only does it provide the provisional title, justification for the research and the various methods/methodology that will be used within the research, it enabled me to annotate sources and choose chapters/headings prior to writing. The research for this area is very wide so the proposal gave me a chance to see everything I had, narrow it down and create boundaries if needed before I began the writing process.  

Ellen Fletcher

An image of Ellen Fletcher

I previously studied International Events Management with Art and Entertainment (BSC) at Sheffield Hallam, and my experience has included working with festivals, theatres, and art galleries. Throughout my time at Sheffield Hallam, I have specialised in the representation of women in the music industry. This has included, the sexualisation of women in music compared to visual arts, behavioural consequences of music lyrics and gender disparity in music venue line-ups. All of this has empowered my feminist position within my future role in events.  My drive is to help others, create safe spaces and provide opportunities for everyone through an all-inclusive ethos and allowing for expressive creativity.  

Dissertation Proposal – “Analysing the gender inequalities of musicians within the line-ups at music venues, with a specific focus on the Sheffield based music venue ‘The Leadmill’”  

When analysing data, it is clear that white, able bodied, cis, heterosexual, men are dominating the music scene. Therefore, my final dissertation aims to look at the lack of equality and diversity within music venues and the potential issues this could be causing for artists and attendees. It will be analysing the gender in musicians within music venues, the causes, consequences, and recommendations. 

Research Report – “To what extent do chart music lyrics glamourise societal issues and influence behaviours”  

There are extreme difficulties with telling musicians what not to express within their lyrics, as many musicians today are fortunate to be in an industry in which free speech and artistic license are basic rights. However, when lyrics that appear in the charts and are incredibly accessible often contain sexualised themes, misogyny, profane language, and references to drugs, violence, where do we draw the line? This report highlighted the significant issues within lyrics and the impact of behaviours related to gender differences. All of which needs to be brought to the forefront of the music industry to allow for further discussion and to create a more socially positive listening experience for all.