Curt Whitehouse

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My interests are very much catered towards the visual arts and how they’re used in social settings to improve lives. This takes different forms, as I am interested in the way visual arts and art activism are used to create change in society.  I am also keen on how arts are used in education to develop children and young people in schools, and the how art can be used as an outlet for mental health, and services surrounding that.  

How  is the Legacy of Contemporary Feminism Informing Activism in the Cultural Sector: 
This was a presentation I created to showcase the early stages of my research about Feminist  art and how different waves of Feminist activism have affected society. This includes people like the Guerrilla Girls and moves all the way to modern day artists and how they’re using their work in places like the Middle East. This research was then developed into an essay for this module.  

Explore the debates arounds how the arts may contribute to civic life: 
This essay is based around the STEM V.S Humanities debate in the school system and how arts and humanities should still be a focus in schools. It looks at the benefits surrounding the arts and humanities, as well as if STEM has any benefits, and how this fits into a wider policy context.  

The Arts and Mental Health: 
This piece was about how the arts are used in society to improve mental health and create an outlet for people to express themselves more freely through different mediums. I interviewed a Yorkshire based Social Enterprise, Keep Real, who support and provide help for people with issues surrounding mental health through workshops etc, and discussed how this kind of work fits into wider government and NHS policy.