Emily Guest


Shibari or Kinbaku is the act of sexual bondage with control and restraint; coming from a Japanese torture martial art Hojojustu, the art of knot tying was used for prisioners during the Edo Period. Further development of Shibari became associations with erotica and BDSM. Tension explores the experience and aesthetic presentation of Shibari displays. With practice, I was able to produce Shibari like Munenawa and Gote Shibari; using techniques like Somerville bowline, square-friction and Munter Hitch knots. Some of these feel supportive and others uncomfortably restrictive verging on claustrophobic. The expectation of BDSM/erocitca is subverted with the collaboration of mother and daughter. My Mother helped with the intricate knots on my body as well as the direction.

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