Hannah Ryder

I’m an animation student currently at Sheffield Hallam University looking to return to complete my Masters Degree in the future. This is my Third Year project; Fox and Tanuki, it follows Bumble and Fen, my two characters as they frolic and play in the woods. The story started as a retelling of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, but due to limitations presented by the Covid-19 Pandemic the story had to be dropped in favour of a show-reel aesthetic. All shot on my Dining table, fuelled by cake and coffee, late nights and many, MANY google tutorials to resolve issues with software and learn new entirely new software, I’m very pleased to present my final film. I hope you’ll enjoy Fox and Tanuki!


A Stop Motion about the love shared between two creatures

This animation follows Fen, a Fox and her best friend Bumble, a Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon-dog) as they frolic the woods together. Set in the autumn forests of Japan, Fen and Bumble bond over play, and showcase some of their escapades.

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