Heather Bennie

At home, Heather has a love of foreign film and T.V. shows, ranging from Japanese anime to Brazilian sci-fi. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA in film and media production, Heather ultimately dreams of becoming a producer within a major international film company, in order to continue her hectic and unpredictable lifestyle, and to encourage others to look beyond their home borders.

Heather had an unusually varied childhood growing up. While she was born in Harrogate, U.K, she has lived for most of her life in Australia, Brunei and Cyprus for varying stints. Having experienced international living across the world, Heather maintains a thirst for travel and seeks to work with many diverse and talented individuals who can match her passion.

Pas De Deux (2021)

SYNOPSIS: A short dance-drama about an unlikely pair who find a connection through ballet.
Constantinos Christofi
Lucy Scruton
Directed by: Constantinos Christofi
Written by: Constantinos Christofi & Chris Bromley
Produced by: Heather Bennie
Director of Photography: Chris Bromley
Film Editor: Chris Bromley
Sound Designer: Lawrence Beer
Music Composed by: Filip Horvat
Choreography by: Constantinos Christofi