Kayleigh Askey

For this module I wanted to enhance my skills that I have developed throughout the course but also utilise the open brief that allowed me to create anything I wanted, which gives me an opportunity that I haven’t been taught or expanded upon in the course.

I decided to create a short film animation that I only have tackled upon in my spare time and done simple things with such as opening eyes and closing them. I have been in awe of how animations are created, and I find it inspiring when I have watched animation films in my spare time and seeing how different techniques and how the production of animation has changed throughout the years and how it is today.

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The skills that this project will push for me will be creativity and imagination, patience, drawing skills, ability to meet deadlines, ability to work under pressure, and emotive communication presentation skills, organisation skills, and self-motivation. I also want to expand on my mise-en-scene skills as I have done this in films before but never in animation.