Lee Chamberlain

With a lifelong fascination with the art of storytelling and the significance it holds within the very foundation of human culture, Lee has a drive to inspire, provoke, comfort and unsettle through the visual aspect of cinema and photography. Studying the theoretical and practical aspects of both film and other audio-visual media consistently throughout secondary school, college, and into the present at Sheffield Hallam University, he strives to tell tales of wonder, terror, joy and humanity.

Lucy-Maddie Willow Fullick
Rachel-Kiera Rhodes
Elton/The Disturber-Brandon Richard Hobson
The Corner Man-David SF
Director/Writer/Editor-Brandon Richard Hobson
Cinematographer/Camera Operator/Assistant Director/Equipment Tech/Focus Puller-Lee Chamberlain
Producer-Brandon Richard Hobson & Lee Chamberlain
Music Composer-Brandon Richard Hobson
Sound Operator/Sound Editor-Brandon Richard Hobson
Make-up Artist-Maddie Willow Fullick