Megan Lewis

A local of Sheffield, Megan is an animation student at Sheffield Hallam University. She’s currently producing a short animated 2D film called ‘The Nightmare’ for her final year, about a teddy bear defending a child from a nightmare. She’s hoping to specialize in the area of 2D Animation and Character Design, recently collaborating with an industry client ‘Enactus’ at Sheffield Hallam in a University module, this gave her chance apply this skill in a real world setting by producing/designing potential short animations for their social media accounts. At the moment, she’s focused on graduating her degree and is looking to the future of freelance work!

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A little girl (Julia) is attacked by a recurring Nightmare where she encounters an evil monster. Scared, Julia seeks comfort in her mother, who makes her a Teddy Bear to fight off the monster. Every night they defend Julia, until she’s grown up with children of her own and the Teddy Bear is no longer needed.