Naomi Patel


Hybridity is the fusion of two cultures. Amalgamation explores my British-Hindu identity, navigating through these rich cultures by using clothing as a symbol of ethnicity. The act of dressing is key to expressing one’s identity. Amalgamation investigates empowerment through structured poses and gestures, motivated by a personal experience of racism.

Racism is everywhere, persisting and shown to be increasing.

Statistics show:

In 2019-20, 105,090 cases were reported of hate crime.

UK schools reported over 60,000 racism cases in schools over the past five years.

Racial abuse rose by 43% since 2019 in football.

The purpose of this project is to remind viewers culture is something to be proud of. The feeling of being belittled because of your culture should NEVER be accepted nor experienced. Amalgamation aims to appreciate and celebrate diversity.

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