Victoria Greaves

I decided to split this project into two main parts. The first part being for the business I am working for – Yorkshire Vehicle Finance. They recently decided in the last two years to branch into Electric Vehicle Leasing whereby I played a role in the web design, marketing, graphic design and advertisement of the company.

In the recent year, they decided to also produce a website exclusive to Tesla leasing. So, I decided the graphic design, web design and marketing of this new business online would play a role in my project.

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Alongside this, I wanted to try making an animated art piece. I originally had the idea in January to create a cartoon portrait that would have some simplistic animation, and simple changes to the environment around the character. This stemmed after I was browsing different art styles that I was gaining inspiration from on Instagram. I produced a character inspired by an artist named ‘__polincher__ ‘ and thought about making an animated scene derived from this single art piece I made. So, I planned on using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to create an Animated Video with some implemented sound design to match it.